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What Our Advertisers Enjoy

What Our Advertisers Enjoy

Our advertisers are the happiest as we exceed their expectations in terms of performance. Here are few of what they enjoy

● You can enable or pause your ads anytime
● You can place ads on impression only
● You can place ads on click only
● You can place ads on impression and click together
● You can place ads on daily basis
● You choose ads types of your choice
● You choose ads sizes of your choice
● You can choose your ads on keywords or zones
● You can choose starting and ending dates for ads
● You can choose which days of the week to run your ads
● You can choose which hours of the day to run your ads
● You can specify limit to impressions or clicks to use for each ads
● You can pay directly for new ads or use unallocated fund
● Write ups to put you through on ads management
● You can view sites that are runing your ads
● You earn 10% commission from your referals
● You can get the details of your ads right in your email (daily)
● You get statistical and graphical details of your ads
● Series of additional services to meet your demand
● and many more fantastic features

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